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Live Generative Audiovisual Performance (2019)

Ag was commissioned by the Animator International Animation Festival, Poznan, Poland, for their 2019 season.

With a mix of real-world and abstract imagery and sound, Ag presents a dreamlike journey amongst silver, the moon, insects, stones, plants and flowing textures.

A video of the work will be forthcoming.

Technical Details

The music entails realtime appliction of my Nodewebba software to control sound generators hosted in Ableton Live.

The video uses a combination of the VDMX VJ software with my Open Frameworks Brownian Doughnut Warper implementation integrated via Syphon.

A Max/MSP application allows the performer to control the whole work through a Behringer BCR2000 rotary interface.


  • Live Performances
    • Jul, 2019 – Animator Festival, Poznan, Poland