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It seems to make more sense to distribute my recent audiovisual works digitally rather than on fixed media. Therefore, few of my recent works appear on physical recordings. Some older works appear on SD DVD, but they are not well represented there due to the limitations of that medium.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested in digital, full-definition copies of any of my works.


Sinus Aestum

Lacus Temporis


Autarkeia Aggregatum

On the Presence of Water

 “Writing on the Surface.”


Pater Noster’s Tricyclic Companion

Distance, Dance, Discern

    • Intrada. Present Sounds Records PS0401. 2004.

Quilcene Terpsichore

On the Presence of Water (soundtrack)

    • Excerpted in Prix Ars Electronica CyberArts 98, Ars Electronica Center ARS 98

Sound Tracks

The Art of Survival

    • Spike and Mike’s Festival of Classic Animation 1999.

Mix/Mastering Engineering

Diane Thome: Bright Air/Brilliant Fire. Consortium to Distribute Computer Music / Centaur Records. CRC 2527. 2001.