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Live Generative Audiovisual Performance (2019)

Ag was commissioned by the Animator International Animation Festival, Poznan, Poland, for their 2019 season.

With a mix of real-world and abstract imagery and sound, Ag presents a dreamlike journey amongst silver, the moon, insects, stones, plants and flowing textures.

Technical Details

The music entails realtime appliction of my Nodewebba software to control sound generators hosted in Ableton Live.

The video uses a combination of the VDMX VJ software with my Open Frameworks Brownian Doughnut Warper implementation integrated via Syphon.

A Max/MSP application allows the performer to control the whole work through a Behringer BCR2000 rotary interface.


  • Live Performances
    • Jul, 2019 – Animator Festival, Poznan, Poland