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Triptych Unfolding

With Hugi Guðmundsson (music)
For piano, electronics and live visuals (2014)
Commissioned by the Reykjavik Center for Visual Music


Icelandic composer Hugi Guðmundsson and I were commissioned by the Reykjavik Center for Visual Music to collaborate on this audiovisual composition. The work premiered at the opening concert of the RCVM - Punto y Raya Festival, January 30th, 2014, at the Harpa Concert Hall, Reykjavík. The pianist was Tinna Thorsteinsdottir.

Guðmundsson composed the three-movement music — for realtime computer processing of piano — based on initial visual sketches we worked out together a two-day session in July, 2013. The starting point for the work was an agreement to seek a "spacious, elegant simplicity" in the materials and their development. Compared to my fixed-media work to-date, there is more focus here on setting processes in motion and patiently allowing them to unfold.

This was the first time I have created only the visuals for an audiovisual work. The commission also marks a return for me to performing live. I converted my Brownian Doughnut Warper filter to Open Frameworks for realtime performance and created mechanisms in Max that allowed me to control the system using a 32-channel motorized, touch-sensitive fader board. In this way, the pianist, Guðmundsson (running the sound processing) and I could interact fluidly and spontaneously as chamber music performers.

Technical Details

The work entailed converting elements of my Brownian Doughnut Warper filter into Open Frameworks and optimizing for realitme performance. Max/MSP controls the Open Frameworks application through Open Sound Control. The 32-channel fader board was custom made for De Montfort University's Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre by


  • Performances
    • Jul, 2019 - Animator Festival, Poznan, Poland
    • Feb, 2015 - De Montfort University, Leicester, UK [Philip Mead, piano]
    • Jan, 2014 - Reykjavik Center for Visual Music - Punto y Raya Festival, Harpa Concert Hall, Iceland [premiere]
      [Tinna Thorsteinsdottir, piano]
  • Screenings (fixed media)
    • Nov, 2016 – Greenwich Sound/Image Colloquium, University of Greenwich, UK
    • Apr, 2016 – Seeing Sound Symposium, Bath Spa University, UK
  • Touring Shows (fixed media)
    • Synchresis V
      • Nov, 2015 – Facultad de Bellas Artes de la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain
      • Nov, 2015 – Real Conservatorio Superior de Música 'Victoria Eugenia' de Granada Granada, Spain
      • Nov, 2015 – Conservatorio Superior de Música de Canarias. Punto de Encuentro Canarias, Spain
      • Nov, 2015 – Medialab-Prado, Madrid, Spain