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The Juggling Jukebox

juggler, acrylic sheet, Velcro, wire, vending interface, synthesizers, etc. (1994)


A collaboration with juggler and visual artist James Jay, with technical assistance from Steve Macatee.

A human juggling "mechanism" is wired to a vending interface and motion sensors, driving an algorithmic score.

The Juggling Jukebox web site contains videos, sound, pictures, and technical details.

The Juggling Jukebox premiered October, 1994 at the Beyond Fast Forward Art and Technology Festival in Seattle. It was made possible by a grant from 911 Media Arts Center and donations by MidiTools and Mars Electronics.

The Juggling Jukebox made additional appearances, including:

  • February, 1995--MTV Europe filming and interview, Belltown Pub, Seattle, Washington
  • February, 1995--Opening, Pratt Art Center Coin Op Art Show, Seattle, Washington
  • January, 1995--Microsoft Advanced Technology Audio Group (demonstration and lecture), Redmond, Washington