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Luna Series #2: Lacus Temporis

computer-realized video and sound (2008)



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The lunar mare (sea) Lacus Temporis (Lake of Time) is a smooth plain of subtle gradations formed by ancient magma. Likewise, the sound and image composition Lacus Temporis arises from a single, subtle color palette. The continuous animation of nearly 12,000 individual points and the ongoing transformation of one feedback synthesis process render delicate states hovering between visibility and invisibility, audibility and silence, order and uncertainty. A critical mass of stability and pattern coalesces into an illusion of solidity. The seemingly stable, however, readily melts away.

Lacus Temporis was commissioned by Threshold Studios, UK, with the support of Arts Council England. Executive Producers: Barry Hale and Uzma Choudhry.

Technical Details

I produced the sound for Lacus Temporis using a SuperCollider implementation of routines involving a modulated feedback system. I created control processes in MAX/MSP to run the parameters of the feedback synthesis. I created the visual material with a custom plug-in for Apple’s Motion 2 video effects software.

Presentation Details

Duration: 8 minutes 25 seconds

Video: This work was authored in high-definition video 720p (1280 x 720), and it relies heavily on the high color and pixel resolution of HD. It can be presented using Quicktime Pro 7.0 or better on a Mac G5 Dual 1.8 Ghz processor or faster. Alternative versions are available for G4 playback or (as a last resort!) standard DVD playback (PAL or NTSC).

Sound: Stereo or Quad. PCM on Quicktime versions, Dolby Digital on DVD


  • Honorable Mention - Abstracta Cinema — Abstracta 2008, Rome

Selected Presentations

  • Touring Shows
    • Punta y Raya Tour 2010
      • March, 2010 - Fundación Telefónica, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    • Cine Trans Europe
      • June, 2009 - European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück, Germany
      • June, 2009 - Alternativa Independent Film Festival, Barcelona, Spain
      • June, 2009 - Cork Film Festival / New Radicals, Cork, Ireland
      • June, 2009 - Festival international Signes de Nuit, Paris, France
      • November, 2008 - Amsterdam Film eXperience, Smart Cinema, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Washington Project for the Arts: Experimental Media Series
      • September, 2009 - Phillips Collection Museum, Washington D.C., USA
      • October, 2009 - Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, USA
      • October, 2009 - Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington D.C., USA
  • Screenings
    • Dec, 2016 - live@CIRMMT, Schulich Concert Hall, Montréal, Canada
    • Oct, 2014 - Soundlab Presents Edit-point, Glasgow, UK
    • Aug, 2014 – University of Edinburgh
    • April, 2013 - Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden
    • October, 2011 - Frequency Festival: Critical Mass, Lincoln, UK
    • September, 2011 - Solo show, Oberlin Conservatory, Oberlin, Ohio, USA
    • September, 2010 - Abandon Normal Devices Festival, Cornerhouse, Manchester, UK
    • January, 2010 - Logos Foundation, Gent, Belgium
    • December, 2009 - 50th anniversary of the Studio für Elektronische Musik, Universität Mozarteum Salzburg, Austria
    • November, 2009 - Fluid New Media Laboratory Festival, Queens Museum, New York City, USA
    • November, 2009 - Punto y Raya Festival, Barcelona, Spain
    • August, 2009 - 404 Festival, Rosario, Argentina
    • June, 2009 - Glastonbury Festival, BBC Big Screen, Pilton, UK
    • May, 2009 - Athens Video Art Festival, Athens, Greece
    • April, 2009 - Solo show, CCRMA, Stanford University, USA
    • November, 2008 - Amsterdam Film eXperience, Netherlands
    • September, 2008 - Abstracta Cinema, Rome, Italy
    • July, 2008 - Broadway Cinema, Nottingham, UK
    • July, 2008 - Sonic Arts Network Expo, Brighton, UK
    • May, 2008 - Mostra Audiovisual International: Minima2008, Valencia, Spain
    • April 2008 - Glimmer: The Hull International Short Film Festival, Hull, UK [premiere]