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Pater Noster's Tricyclic Companion

for flute and tape (1998)


Flautist Sarah Bassingthwaighte commissioned Pater Noster's Tricyclic Companion in 1998. Inspired by her energetic personality and great command over fast passage-work, I wrote a virtuosic display piece emphasizing driving, syncopated rhythms and a dense, layered accompaniment.

Unlike may pieces for instrument and tape, this work's tape part contains "lots of notes." Rather than utilizing washes of transforming sound, I notated the work in a more traditional fashion (in "piano score") and then "orchestrated" it for a mixture of MIDI synthesizer, computer-controlled acoustic piano, and computer synthesis sound sources (via Common Music and Csound).

Much of the rhythmic and pitch character of the work arises from the systematic application of a number series: [3 4 4 5]. Note that these numbers sum to 16. Much of the work could be considered to be in 16/16, which continual rotation of groupings of 3, 4, 4, and 5 sixteenths. Most listeners will be inclined to tap in familiar 4/4, feeling the continuing shift of the groupings as a hint of warped, jazz-like syncopation.

The title has no particular meaning — as far as I'm aware. It came to mind one day while I was working on the piece and I wrote it down, wondering what "Pater Noster" actually meant. The title still sounded apropos two months later, and I chose to use it. It feels to me to be just short of the strangely familiar — matching what I consider to be an essential character of the piece.

Performance Details and Materials

Duration: 7:50


In exchange for me providing these materials for free, please contact me if you perform this piece. I would be pleased to add your performance to the list below.

Revision History:

  • 2 Jan 2011
    • Added pickup flz/gliss at end of first measure
    • Corrected accent placements in mm. 7, 13, & 33
    • Edited accidentals in m.97 for consistency
    • Added notation clarifcation comments to the performance instructions

Selected Performances

  • Sep 2018 – Montana State University Multimedia Series Concert – performed by Linda Antas
  • Sep 2013 – Wyoming Flute Day – performed by Linda Antas
  • Jul 2013 – Nonclassical, London, UK – performed by Carla Rees
  • Jul 2012 – Rarescale Summer Concert Series, London, UK – performed by Carla Rees
  • Feb 2012 – From the Soundhouse, Royal College of Music, London, UK – performed by Carla Rees
  • Luminíco 2011 tour (in excerpt) —performed by Alejandro Escuer
    • Dec 2011 – Programa Index MUAC, Auditorio Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporáneo. Ciudad de México, México
    • Dec 2011 – Fonoteca Nacional: Confrontación Sonora y visual entre la Ciudad de Nueva York y la Ciudad de México, México
    • Nov 2011 – Audio Art Festival 201, Kraków, Poland
    • Nov 2011 – Alte Schmiede, Vienna, Austria
    • Nov 2011 – Music, Technology and Innovation, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK
    • Nov 2011 – Creative Music Technology, University of Hull at Scarborough, UK
    • Nov 2011 – WAVES, CBSO Centre. Birmingham, UK
    • Nov 2011 – Festival Punto de Encuentro, Valencia, Spain
    • Nov 2011 – KLEM, Laboratorio de Electroacústica de Bilbao, Spain
    • Nov 2011 – GroundSwell, Winnipeg, Canadá
    • Nov 2011 – Department of Fine and Performing Arts,
      University of Chicago, USA
    • Oct 2011 – IV Festival Internacional Discantus
      Zócalo Puebla, México
  • Mar 2001 – Music, Technology and Innovation, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK —performed by Sarah Bassingthwaighte
  • Oct 1999 — Beijing, China - International Computer Music Conference — performed by Patricia Spencer
  • Dec 1998 — Seoul, Korea - Korean Electroacoustic Music Society
  • Apr 1998 — Meany Theater, Seattle - Seattle Electroacoustic Music Festival — performed by Sarah Bassingthwaighte
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