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Drone-a-tron Mark IIa


Drone-a-tron Mark IIa is designed as an aid for practicing and performing Indian Classical music. It provides a tunable tamboura drone, a tone generator that can be custom-tuned to different just-intonation schemes, and a simple metronome. Nothing fancy, but preferable to your average "shruti box", in my opinion. I made it for my own practicing, but I figured some other folks might find it useful.

Please note that this Mark IIa version of the software has a fixed SA-PA drone, which can't be tuned to other intervals (such as NI-SA).

Drone-a-tron Mark IIa can run on a Windows or Macintosh OSX computer on which cycling74's free MAX/MSP Runtime application (VERSION 4 or 5) has been installed. Does not work with Max 6 or 7, alas.

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More detailed information is available in the README file available in the download package.


(Note that this is a ZIP file. If your system doesn't unzip it automatically, you will have to unzip it manually.)

Drone-a-tron is email-ware. Please email me if you find Drone-a-tron useful! Who knows, that might encourage me to expand its capabilities…